What’s meaning of “LUNÉ”, &Team’s fan name? French? related to the moon?


&TEAM was formed through an audition program.

&TEAM has members who appeared in “I-LAND” where ENHYPEN was born belong.

Today, September 26th, &TEAM’s fan name (membership name) was announced!

On YouTube and Weverse, there are posts about the announcement of &TEAM’s fan name (membership name) “LUNÉ”.

The E part has an accent (‘).

And the origin of “LUNÉ” comes from the French word for “moon”!

It’s a beautiful name with the wonderful meaning of “Like the moon, LUNÉ will bright &TEAM’s future and will be the driving force to move forward” 😆

In addition, “LUNÉ” also has the meaning of taking the first letter of the word “Light Up New Energy”.

Both meanings are wonderful.

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