ATEEZ WooSan’s tattoos are a hot topic ! The friendship between Wooyoung and San is wonderful!

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Quote from:ATEEZ official twitter
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Popular KPOP boys group ATEEZ.

ATEEZ is becoming more and more popular as its appearance in KINGDOM has become a hot topic.

This time, I would like to introduce ATEEZ’s Wooyoung and San (WooSan) tattoos!

ATEEZ is known for their good friendships.

Especially, WooSan (Wooyoung & San)’s friendship is popular with fans.

Wooyoung was famous for having a tattoo called “Amicus ad aras (friends until death)”.

And their fans are talking that San has the same tattoo as Wooyoung!

San’s tattoos haven’t been witnessed, so I’m still not sure if the tattoo is really true.

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Wooyoung and San (WooSan) were also noted in the final episode of KINGDOM.

Wooyoung and San crossed their shoulders, and I could feel WooSan’s friendship!

Please check out WooSan’s friendship in the future ♪