EXO Kai, ATEEZ San, and TXT Yeonjun’s sexy crop tops are a hot topic! Attention is focused on their beautiful abs!

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ATEEZ made a comeback with the new song “불놀 이야 (I’m The One)”.

Their powerful performance is very cool.

The outfit that San wore in the MV of “불놀 이야 (I’m The One)” is drawing attention!

San wore a crop top , and his trained abs became a hot topic!

In the MV of “불놀 이야 (I’m The One)”, San wore a crop top, so the dance looked even more sexy.

KPOP idols often wore crop tops, and EXO Kai also wore crop top on “Obsession”.

“Obsession” has become a hot topic for their cool visuals, and the crop top outfit worn by Kai was drawing attention.

Kai’s abs was praised.

It is said among KPOP fans that the visuals of San and Kai are very similar.

Both of them are good at dancing, and when TVXQ’s Changmin saw San, he said that Kai and his atmosphere were very similar.

In “Blue Hour”, TXT Yeonjun and Taehyun also wore crop tops!

Fans were surprised at the outfits of Yeonjun and Taehyung.

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Crop tops are often worn by female idols, but when male idols wear them, they look more masculine and sexy.

It was perfect for the powerful dance of ATEEZ Sun and EXO Kai, and TXT Yeonjun and Taehyun also wore crop tops well.

Please check out the crop tops of future KPOP idols ♪