TXT “FREEZE” Twitter emojis (hashflags) are so pretty! Cute emoji is a hot topic!

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TXT (Tomorrow X Together) belonging to the same HYBE as BTS.

TXT announced on May 31st that they will make a comeback with their new album “The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE”.

TXT’s Twitter emojis (hashflags) are now available!

These are the hashflags of TXT “FREEZE” on Twitter.

When you post hashtags related to “#TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER”, “# 투모로우 바이투 게더”, “#TXT_FREEZE”, “#TXT”, new emojis will be displayed.

The drop-shaped emoji, which is a cute design!

This TXT hashflag became a hot topic, and words related to TXT became a trend on Twitter.

MOA is excited about TXT’s comeback.

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The hashflag (Twitter emoji) event is held not only by TXT but also by BTS.

The yellow emoji that matches the new song “Butter” is cute and has become a hot topic!

Please check that out too ♪