TXT Soobin celebrated ASTRO Sanha! ASTRO won 1st place in Music Bank! 00s friendship!

Quote from:ASTRO twitter

ASTRO made a comeback with the new song “After Midnight”.

It’s a new song that’s perfect for summer.

Today, ASTRO “After Midnight” won the 1st place in the Music Bank !

This is ASTRO’s 1st prize winning scene at the Music Bank posted on YouTube.

JinJin cried and it was impressive scene!

The other members also seemed happy, and their fans shared their joy.

What attracted attention was TXT Soobin, who is the MC of Music Bank, and ASTRO Sanha!

It seems that Soobin celebrated Sanha who won the 1st place, and I felt a wonderful friendship.

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Sanha and Soobin are the members born in 2000.

Furthermore, Sanha is the MC of SHOW CHAMPION and Soobin is the MC of Music Bank, so they have a lot in common!

I’m looking forward to the future friendships between Sanha and Soobin ♪