TXT “FREEZE” and “The Snow Queen” are talked about! Beomgyu’s crown and Hueningkai’s eyepatch are points ! ?

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Quote from:BIGHIT MUSIC twitter
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TXT (Tomorrow X Together) will make a comeback with the new album “The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE ” on May 21st.

The trailer and concept photo have been released, and fans are expecting more.

On May 15th, the concept photo “WORLD” of TXT “FREEZE” was released!

This is the concept photo “WORLD” of “FREEZE” posted on TXT’s official Twitter account.

TXT members wore white costumes and they are beautiful.

Only Hueningkai wore a heart-shaped eyepatch.

A hot topic among MOA about this Hueningkai’s eyepatch is related to “The Snow Queen”!

“The Snow Queen” is a work by Hans Christian Andersen, featuring a boy Kai, a girl Gerda, and the Snow Queen.

There is a scene where Kai injures his eyes, and it is said that it may be related to HueningKai’s eyepatch this time.

Their names are “HueningKai” and “Kai”, so there seems to be something to do with it.

Furthermore, not only the eyepatch of HueningKai, but also the crown worn by Beomgyu is drawing attention!

Only Beomgyu wore a crown.

The crown that Beomgyu wore was decorated with roses.

In fact, rose flowers play a big role in “Snow Queen”!

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By the way, there are three types of concepts for TXT’s new album “FREEZE”: “WORLD”, “BOY”, and “YOU”.

The concept photos of “WORLD” were amazing , so I’m looking forward to the following two concepts!

Please check out the next concept photos of TXT “FREEZE”♪