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TXT Soobin posted a two-shot photo with his nephew! Also an exchange diary with his mother !!

Quote from:TXT Twitter
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KPOP world expected newcomer TXT (Tomorrow X Together).

TXT does a lot of social networking, too.

This time, I would like to introduce a post with TXT’s leader, Soobin and his nephew!

Here is a picture of Soobin posted on TXT’s official Twitter.

Soobin posted a two-shot photo with his nephew.

Soobin is still young, but I’m surprised he has a nephew.

I’m jealous of his nephew, because Soobin loves him.

Also, the exchange diary that Soobin used to write with his mother was posted!

It was a really cute diary with cute letters up to the heart.

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TXT always makes fun posts.

Leader Soobin has posted a photo of his nephew this time.

I’m looking forward to the next TXT post♪