What does Wariwari mean? TXT “MOA Diary (DUBADU WARI WARI)” is very popular! The lyrics are cute!


TXT (Tomorrow X Together) made a comeback with the new album “The Chaos Chapter: FIGHT OR ESCAPE” on August 17th.

The MV for the title song “LOSER = LOVER” has been released, and it has recorded a great number of views.

Among MOA, the song “MOA Diary (두밧 두 와리 와리, DUBADU WARI WARI )” is also very popular!

This is TXT “MOA Diary (두밧 두 와리 와리, DUBADU WARI WARI)”.

The catchy melody has been attracting attention since the album preview was released.

TXT members participated in the lyrics, and the lyrics filled with the thoughts for MOA have become a hot topic.

The part where “두밧 두 와리 와리, DUBADU WARI WARI” is repeated is cute.

Many MOA are wondering what the title means.

“두밧 두 와리 와리, DUBADU WARI WARI” that appears in the lyrics is “투바투 (TXT) 오래 오래 (forever)” , and it is said that it was made by moving letters.

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On Twitter, the hashtag “#TXTと永遠にワリワリ” has become a trend.

It looks like a cipher that only MOA can understand.

I would like to listen to “MOA Diary (두밧 두 와리 와리, Dubaduwariwari)” sung live by TXT someday ♪