WayV Ten and BLACKPINK Lisa danced “Kick Back” together! The dance video of two idols from thailand has become a hot topic!

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Quote from:instagram
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WayV is popular mainly in China.

Recently, WayV made a comeback with the new song “Kick Back”, and their cool performance was popular.

A dance video with BLACKPINK Lisa was posted on the Instagram of WayV Ten!

This is a video posted on WayV Ten’s Instagram.

Ten danced “Kick Back” with BLACKPINK Lisa!

Two of the KPOP idols who are good at dancing, so it was a cool collaboration.

Ten and Lisa are the same idols from Thailand, and they have known a good friendship for a long time.

It was a wonderful dance video, as we could feel their friendship.

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It seems that the reason for this dance video was “青春有你 3 (YouthWithYou3)”, where Lisa is a dance mentor.

To teach the dance of Way V “Kick Back”, Lisa was taught the dance by Ten!

Their friendship beyond the group was the best collaboration 😆