ATEEZ San and AB6IX Woojin were classmates, and TXT Yeonjun was also same high school! ? The high school days of popular idols are a hot topic!


KPOP idols are very popular all over the world.

KPOP is popular not only in Korea and Asia, but all over the world now.

This time, I will introduce the episode of high school days spoken on V Live by ATEEZ San!

This is V Live by ATEEZ San on June 24th.

He answered various comments for ATINY.

It was San’s friend episode in high school that attracted attention, and San seemed to be in the same class as AB6IX Woojin!

San said that he was on good terms with Woojin when he was in high school, and that there was TXT Yeonjun in a different class.

YYeonjun is famous among fans as friend with ATEEZ’s Wooyoung and YeoSang, who were former Big Hit trainees.

Yeonjun was the same high school as San and is on good terms, so I want to see collaboration of TXT and ATEEZ someday!

It’s amazing that San, Woojin, and Yeonjun, who are now active in different groups, attended the same high school 😆

ATEEZ, to which San belongs, became a hot topic for appearing on “KINGDOM”.

Unfortunately, ATEEZ couldn’t be No.1 at “KINGDOM”, but every stage was powerful and the number of views of the video was amazing.

I’m looking forward to ATEEZ’s comeback ♪