TXT Huening Kai’s younger sister Huening Bahiyyih will also appear! “Girls Planet 999” is a hot topic!

Quote from:TXT twitter

Huening Kai, the youngest member of TXT.

Huening Kai is a member from Hawaii, and his beautiful face is attracting attention.

It has been announced that TXT Huening Kai’s younger sister, Huening Bahiyyih, will appear in “Girls Planet 999”!

This is a preview video of “Girls Planet 999” released on YouTube.

In the woods, girls appeared one after another, and everyone was beautiful and cute.

Huening Kai’s younger sister, Huening Bahiyyih, was also very beautiful! (Around 2 minutes and 14 seconds)

She was similar to Huening Kai, and she was as beautiful as an famous actress.

MOA commented about Huening Bahiyyih at Huening Kai’s V Live on July 8th.

Huening Kai said ” I’d be happy if Bahiyyih could definitely make her debut at this opportunity.” !

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In “Girls Planet 999”, there were many girls who became a hot topic in addition to Huening Bahiyyih .

CLC Yujin, Cherry Bullet Jiwon, Bora, May, BVNDIT Seung Eun, and other members have already made their debut.

Please check “Girls Planet 999” to see what kind of evaluation will determine the debut members ♪