TikTok from TXT Yeonjun who is too long is a topic! Collaboration dance with animation is interesting! !

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TXT (Tomorrow X Together) is also focusing on TikTok.

Various members post fun videos every day.

I introduce TikTok video posted by TXT Yeonjun!


@31787109305 님과 ##듀엣 ##연준 ##YEONJUN ##마카레나

♬ original sound – u77496327

This is the TXT Yeonjun dance video posted on TikTok.

Yeonjun, who dances to the animation, is so cute!

Among MOA, Yeonjun’s foot length attracted much attention.

Yeonjun has a great style, but wearing high-waisted pants makes his legs look even longer.

Yeonjun is also good at doing comical dance in anime!

It’s a video that you never get tired of watching.

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TXT will post a lot of interesting videos.

This time was a dance video by Yeonjun.

Next I’m looking forward to what kind of videos TXT will post♪