Also BTS “Dynamite”! TXT performed the disco stage at 2020 MAMA !!

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2020MAMA featuring many popular idols such as BTS, SEVENTEEN, MONSTA X, MAMAMOO, TWICE, and NCT.

Fans all over the world are paying attention to the gorgeous MAMA performance every year.

This time, we would like to introduce the TXT stage that was performed at 2020 MAMA!

[2020 MAMA] TOMORROW X TOGETHER_Short Hair + She Was Pretty + Dynamite

This is TXT’s stage at 2020 MAMA.

The production that was sucked into the first TV was cute.

It moved to a glittering disco set and TXT danced “Short Hair” and “She Was Pretty”.

Next, TXT performed BTS “Dynamite”!

It was a surprising song selection, and it was a perfect performance.

Yeonjun’s dance was very cool.


The last was the stage of the latest song “Blue Hour”.

A Ferris wheel and an autumnal tree have appeared, and it was a high-quality set that matched the MV of “Blue Hour”.

There was a performance using the hat, and the fantasy world was a wonderful stage.

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TXT performed a great stage at MMA yesterday (December 5th).

In “Blue Hour”, TXT had a dance break time!

Please check that out too ♪