Ottoke Song of TXT Soobin and Beomgyu! Two people singing while embarrassed are too cute! !

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TXT (Tomorrow X Together), who made a comeback with the new song “Can’t You See Me?”.

They continue to win first place in music programs.

TXT, who appeared in the popular Korean program “Weekly Idol”, performed an ottoke song!

This is the charm of Soobin and Beomgyu presented at Weekly Idol.

First of all, it’s from Soobin’s Otto Song.

The Ottoke song of Soobin, who has a lot of charm and cuteness, was the most cute!

After singing, it was cute to go hugging at Hueningkai while being shy.

After that, it was Beomgyu’s Ottoke Song.

Beomgyu is a mood maker, but he did his best to sing the ottoke song.

It was cute to sing while being shy.

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TXT is a big success in variety.

I hope TXT will continue to perform a lot of variety.

Please check it out!