TXT Soobin became red hair! ? Soobin’s last MC of Music Bank is a hot topic!


Music Bank, a music program broadcast in South Korea.

Currently, the MCs of Music Bank are TXT Soobin and OH MY GIRL Arin.

The two are popular with fans, but unfortunately, the broadcast on October 1st will be their last MC.

The change in hair color of TXT Soobin has become a hot topic!

The photo taken by the fan who witnessed Soobin who appeared for the recording of Music Bank became a hot topic.

Soobin’s hair had a red hair color, and it was a cool hair.

I don’t know if Soobin’s hair color change is because of the concert “TOMORROW X TOGETHER LIVE ” on October 3rd, or because it’s preparing for TXT’s new song, but red hair color suits Soobin very well 😆

I’m looking forward to watching Soobin’s last MC of Music Bank!

Don’t miss Soobin’s last MC until the end ♪