TXT showed off “DRAMA” Japanese ver. at CDTV live! !

Quote from:TXT twitter

TXT (Tomorrow X Together) is very popular all over the world.

TXT is also very popular in Japan.

At the CDTV live live broadcast on August 10, TXT performed the Japanese version of “DRAMA” for the first time on TV!

TXT members were performing in cute costumes.

The cute costume was perfect for the concept of “DRAMA”.

The performance of “DRAMA” was still wonderful.

The visuals of the handsome TXT members were also attracting attention.

TXT is likely to become more popular in Japan!

By the way, TXT will also appear in “Sukkiri” on August 11th, showing the performance of the Japanese version of “DRAMA”.

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Recently, TXT has been active in Japan a lot.

I’m happy to see TXT on Japanese TV.

Please check it out♪