TREASURE Asahi’s gag is BLACKPINK Lisa’s favorite! Asahi made BLACKPINK members laugh with a cute gag !!


TREASURE finally debuted from YG Entertainment.

TREASURE has four Japanese members, and TREASURE is very popular in Japan.

This time, we will introduce the relationship between TREASURE Asahi and BLACKPINK members!

This is a video of Asahi when he was a YG trainee before becoming TREASURE.

BLACKPINK evaluated YG trainees’ performances.

When Asahi appeared, Lisa immediately said “Cute!”. (Around 24 minutes in the video)

Moreover, not only Lisa but also Jennie and Jisoo were addicted to Asahi’s funny gag using his face.

Asahi is really handsome, but he has a unique atmosphere and is interesting.

Even BLACKPINK members were captivated by Asahi.

I’m glad that Asahi was able to make his debut as TREASURE !

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Asahi, a Japanese member of TREASURE with a mysterious charm.

Asahi has a good sense of humor as well as a good looks.

We will continue to support Asahi who is active as TREASURE ♪