TREASURE performed “사랑해 (I LOVE YOU)” on Show Music Core! Also pay attention to cute school uniform costumes !!

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Quote from:TREASURE MAKER twitter
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TREASURE made a comeback with the new song “사랑해 (I LOVE YOU)”.

Following the debut song “BOY”, the new song “사랑해 (I LOVE YOU)” was also a powerful song.

TREASURE unveiled a new song “사랑해 (I LOVE YOU)” for the first time on Show Music Core.

This is the stage of TREASURE “사랑해 (I LOVE YOU)” in Show Music Core on September 19th. ( You can also see it here. )

TREASURE was performing in the same costume as the teaser photo.

The MV was amazing, but the live performance is even more powerful!

The finger heart dance was impressive.

The climax dance was also very cool!

Vocals, rap, dance, everything was a wonderful stage.

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TREASURE will also appear on SBS Inkigayo, which will be broadcast on September 20th.

I’m interested in what happens to the costumes and sets!

Please check it out ♪