What’s TREASURE “JIKJIN” meaning? Korean? English? The cool poster has been released!


TREASURE will make a comeback with their new album on February 15th.

With the comeback since “MY TREASURE”, TREASURE MAKER from all over the world is looking forward to it.

Today, January 25th, the title song of TREASURE was announced!

This is TREASURE’s poster posted on YG FAMILY’s official Twitter account.

The title of TREASURE’s new song was “JIKJIN”!

I’m curious about “JIKJIN” meaning.

Many fans say that “JIKJIN” means going straight in Korean!

It’s been a long time since TREASURE made a comeback, and it’s a title suitable for their new start 😆

I’m looking forward to the concept of “JIKJIN” !

Let’s check the information of TREASURE in the future ♪