TREASURE won Best New Male Artist at AAA! Mashiho made a thank-you comment in Japanese !!


TREASURE debuted from YG Entertainment.

TREASURE is working on the new song “MMM”.

TREASURE won the New Face Award at the 2020 Asia Artist Awards (AAA)!

AAA was the first music award ceremony in which TREASURE appeared.

It was scheduled to be broadcast live on November 25, but the broadcast was postponed to 28 due to the influence of the coronavirus.

TREASURE was performing in a red costume, and it was a cool costume !

In the award comment, there was a scene where Mashiho spoke Japanese, and Japanese fans were happy too.

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TREASURE has also decided to appear on MAMA, which will be broadcast on December 6th.

I’m looking forward to seeing if TREASURE can win Best New Male Artist at MAMA and what kind of performance they will perform!

Please check that out too ♪