NCT Sungchan, TREASURE Jihoon, and IZ*ONE Yujin will be new MCs of SBS Inkigayo! What are the ages and personalities of the new MCs ?

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Popular music program SBS Inkigayo in Korea.

Many popular idols appear every time, and there are plenty of hot stages.

Currently, the MCs of Inkigayo are MONSTA X Minhyuk, April Naeun, and NCT Jaehyun.

Unfortunately, the three are scheduled to graduate from Inkigayo’s MC at the broadcast on February 28th.

NCT Sungchan, IZ*ONE Yujin, and TREASURE Jihoon have been selected as new MCs of Inkigayo!

Sungchan has joined as a new member of NCT2020, and his ability of rap is drawing attention.

His outstanding style, and handsome looks are gaining popularity.

Sungchan has also a cute personality.

I was surprised that Sungchan who just made his debut will be Inkigayo’s MC, and I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of MC he will perform!

IZ*ONE Yujin has been a popular member since Produce48.

Not only her beautiful looks and excellent performance, but also her cute and energetic personality is popular.

Yujin’s cheerfulness is perfect for SBS Inkigayo!

The last member is TREASURE Jihoon.

Jihoon is the leader of TREASURE and plays the role of a mood maker.

Also, Jihoon is famous as a good talker.

Jihoon was expected to be active in variety shows in the future, so I think that he is perfect for MC of Inkigayo.

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Sungchan was born in September 2001 (19 years old) and Yujin was born in September 2003 (17 years old). , Jihoon was born in March 2000 (20 years old).

Jihoon is the oldest and Yujin is the youngest!

Please check the three new MCs of Inkigayo 😆

I also support the remaining MC activities of Minhyuk, Naeun, and Jaehyun ♪