TREASURE Yoshi’s red hair and Mashiho’s yellow highlights hair are cool! Their hair color change is a hot topic in TMI LOG!

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TREASURE is very popular all over the world.

TREASURE is expected to make a comeback soon, and their hair color change has become a hot topic.

In Mashiho’s TMI LOG released on December 21st, the hair color of TREASURE members attracted attention !

This is Mashiho’s TMI LOG posted on the official Twitter account of TREASURE MAKER.

Mashiho bought a skateboard with Yoshi, went to an aquarium with Jeongwoo and Jaehyuk, and it was a Vlog full of highlights.

There was a scene where Mashiho, Hyunsuk, and Yoshi were eating lunch at YG’s office building, and Mashiho and Yoshi’s hair color had changed.

Mashiho had yellow highlights hair, and Yoshi had red hair!

Both of them have hair colors that have never been seen before, and they look great 😆

Let’s check whether Mashiho and Yoshi will make a comeback with the same hair color in future TREASURE activities ♪