What’s meaning of TREASURE “BONA BONA” ? Latin? I’m curious about the meaning of their new song!


TREASURE belonging to YG Entertainment.

TREASURE will release a new album “REBOOT” on July 28th, and many fans are looking forward to it.

Today, July 17th, TREASURE’s “REBOOT” track list has been released!

This is the track list of “REBOOT” posted on TREASURE’s official Twitter.

It seems that a total of 10 songs will be recorded.

There were song for the vocal unit and song for the rap unit, all of which had interesting titles.

The title song is “BONA BONA”!

There are various theories about the meaning of “BONA BONA”.

A lot of fans say “BONA BONA” means “good” in Latin.

Also, there seems to be language where “BONA BONA” is used to mean “look” or “see”.

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On July 28th, the music video for TREASURE’s “BONA BONA” was finally released.

“BONA BONA” is probably expected to mean “Born To Love You”.

It’s a wonderful song that expresses the feeling of “I love you”.

Let’s check out the comeback activities of TREASURE “BONA BONA” which is about to start♪