Lyrics of BTS Jungkook “SEVEN” explicit version become a hot topic! The lylics are sexy !


BTS’s maknae, Jungkook.

Jungkook released his solo song ‘SEVEN’ yesterday on July 14th.

The lyrics of the explicit version of BTS Jungkook “SEVEN” have become a hot topic among ARMY!

The music video for “SEVEN” uses the lylics of clean version.

There are other explicit versions available on the sound source site.

The lyrics are different between the clean version and the explicit version, and the lyrics for the media are the clean version.

The lyrics of the explicit version contain expressions for adults.

I was a little surprised because it was a sexy expression that I hadn’t seen in the lyrics of BTS songs up until now.

Actress Han So Hee appeared in the music video for “SEVEN”, and Jungkook’s acting is attracting attention.

Jungkook performed “SEVEN” for the first time at GMA, so let’s check it out♪