BTS Jungkook’s room was released ! Introducing Jungkook’s thoughts on music !!

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Quote from:BigHit Entertainment twitter
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A concept photo of BTS’new album “BE”, which is released one by one every day.

The concept photos of V, Jimin, and RM have been released.

BTS Jungkook’s concept photo was released on November 5th!

This is Jungkook’s concept photo posted on the official Twitter of Big Hit Entertainment.

It was a cool room unified in blue!

There were a lot of speakers, and I felt Jungkook’s love for music.

“I’m Jungkook, the curator of this room. This room is a space decorated with my favorite music and speakers. I wanted to create a room where I could show my inner self filled with music from the speakers. Music can give me comforting, fun, and power. I hope that you can spend your time happily while listening to music that gives you power, comforting and enjoyment. “

It was a concept photo that not only expresses Jungkook’s love for music, but also expresses the comfort, power, and enjoyment that we can get from music, and has a deep meaning.

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In the concept clip of “BE” , the cute acting of BTS members was noticed.

Please check out the concept photos of BTS members that will be released in the future ♪