“Born Singer” is a hot topic! BTS’s BANG BANGCON 21 setlist announced!

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BTS is very popular all over the world.

BTS has announced that they will hold an online concert BANGBANGCON21 on April 17th, which is attracting attention among ARMY.

The setlist of BANGBANGCON21 was announced!

This is the image posted on BTS’s official Twitter account at 0:00 on April 12th.

The concept photo of “BE” was cutely illustrated.

According to the image, “BTS BEGINS (MEMORIES OF 2015)”, “MAJIC SHOP IN BUSAN”, “SPEAK YOURSELF (SAO PAULO)” will be broadcast.

“Born Singer” was performed at MEMORIES in 2015, and it was a legendary stage among ARMY!

It has already become a hot topic because it can be heard again.

Also, SPERK YOURSELF’s performance in Sao Paulo was popular.

There is MAJIC SHOP in Busan, where is Jungkook and Jimin’s hometown, so it was a nice setlist for ARMY 😆

Don’t miss BANGBANGCON21 ♪