BTS Taehyung(V) did pole dance at Celine’s after party! ? Lisa’s dance is also a hot topic!

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BTS Taehyung(V) is popular all over the world.

Recently, Taehyung (V) participated in the Celine fashion show held in Paris, France.

BLACKPINK Lisa and Park Bo Gum also participated in Celine’s fashion show with Taehyung (V).

And Taehyung(V) at the after party has become a hot topic!

It seems that an after party was held after the Celine fashion show.

At the after party, a video of Taehyung(V) dancing pole dance was posted!

Taehyung(V) was happily pole dance and his smile was cute 😆

Not only Taehyung(V) but also Lisa danced pole dance, and both of them seemed to enjoy the after party.

Yesterday, June 28, Taehyung(V) , Lisa and Bogum returned to Korea from Paris, France.

Let’s check out next activities of Taehyung (V) ♪