BTS Taehyung(V) and Olivia Rodrigo are so beautiful! BTS performed “Butter” at the Grammy Awards!

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The Grammy Awards held on April 3.

BTS appeared at the Grammy Awards.

Last year BTS couldn’t get the Grammy Awards, so this year’s awards are expected.

At the Grammy Awards, BTS performed “Butter”!

This is the intro part of the performance of BTS “Butter” at the Grammy Awards posted on Variety’s official Twitter account.

This “Butter” is like a spy concept, and their action scene was cool.

In the intro, Jungkook came down from above, Jin was acting like a hacker.

Taehyung (V) and Olivia Rodrigo were especially a hot topic!

Taehyung(V) was sitting next to Olivia Rodrigo and they talked something.

It was a amazing collaboration 😆

The performance of “Butter” after that was also wonderful, and the dance break was so cool!

Let’s check if BTS can get the Grammy Awards ♪