BTS performed “Dynamite” for the first time on MTV VMA! ARMY around the world is very excited !!

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Quote from:BTS_official twitter
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BTS has global popularity.

BTS’s new song “Dynamite” is a big hit around the world.

BTS performed their new song “Dynamite” at the “2020 MTV Video Music Awards (VMA)” held on August 31st !!

This is the stage of the BTS “Dynamite” that was shown on MTV VMA.

It was the first performance of “Dynamite” because it had never been shown outside of MV.

BTS’s performance in the GUCCI fashion was cool.

The DISCO dance, which is the point of “Dynamite”, was a fun performance.

It was wonderful that the dance performance was managed in the order of Kookmin, Jin and V before the climax.

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In this “2020 MTV Video Music Award (VMA)”, BTS has achieved the four crowns of “Best Group”, “Best K-POP”, “Best Choreography” and “Best POP”!

BTS is too amazing to win so many awards as KPOP idol!

I’m looking forward to the new BTS album coming soon♪