BTS RM(Namjoon)’s “7” tattoo is a hot topic? What’s meaning
the number?

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BTS’s leader, RM (Namjoon).

RM (Namjoon) is a great leader and his rap is so cool.

Today, June 10th, the Instagram story posted by BTS RM (Namjoon) has become a hot topic!

Watch this story by RM on Instagram before it disappears.
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This is the story posted on BTS RM(Namjoon)’s Instagram.

RM(Namjoon) posted BTS’s new songs “Yet To Come” released today.

And a photo of RM(Namjoon)’s ankle was also posted.

The letter “7” was designed on RM(Namjoon)’s ankle.

I wonder what it means.

Many ARMY say this RM(Namjoon)’s tattoo is the friendship tattoos!

Friendship tattoos used to say that Taehyung(V) wanted to have a special tattoo with BTS members.

It seems that BTS members have talked about friendship tattoos several times, and it is rumored among ARMY that friendship tattoos have finally been made.

“7” is the number of BTS members, and very nice number.

I’m looking forward to future posts by RM (Namjoon) and other BTS members, and I want know whether it’s really a friendship tattoo ♪