Smerald flower on BTS Jimin’s in-ear ! ? The beautiful flower is became a hot topic at “PTD ON STAGE” in Las Vegas !

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BTS Jimin is popular all over the world.

Jimin’s hair was short at the “PTD ON STAGE” in Las Vegas, and his cute looks attracted attention.

In the photo taken at the “PTD ON STAGE” in Las Vegas, Jimin’s in-ear is a hot topic!

This is a photo of Jimin’s in-ear posted on SOUNDCAT’s official Instagram in September 2017.

Previously, Jimin’s in-ear had a blue flower design on a black background.

This blue flower is “Smerald”, a fictional flower that appears in BTS “花様年華”!

“Smerald flower” is so beautiful, and Jimin’s sense is wonderful.

The other in-ear was designed with Jimin’s name “jm”.

In the photo of Jimin taken at this “PTD ON STAGE” in Las Vegas, his in-ear design was changed.

The blue flower is designed on the in-ear, and ARMY expect that it’s “smerald flower”.

The other day, the Instagram of Smeraldo flower opened, and it has become a hot topic among ARMY!

Let’s check out future BTS posts about “smerald flower”♪