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SUGA’s smile is cute! BTS “Permission to Dance” MV teaser was released!

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BTS will release the CD containing “Butter” on July 9th.

The new song “Permission to Dance” will be included on the CD, and the collaboration with Ed Sheeran is attracting attention.

The MV teaser for BTS “Permission to Dance” was released on July 7th!

BTS (방탄소년단) 'Permission to Dance' Official Teaser

This is the MV teaser for BTS “Permission to Dance” posted on YouTube.

It was shot on a desert, and it looked like a Hollywood movie.

SUGA’s smile is very cute 😆

BTS danced a dance that sways from side to side to the music of “Permission to Dance”, and it was a cute choreography!

It has happy energy and it seems to be a big hit again.

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“Permission to Dance” is the collaboration song between BTS and Ed Sheeran since “Make It Right”.

Please check out the full MV release ♪