What brand is Jimin’s red jersey in the MV of BTS “Butter”? GUCCI T-shirt is cute!

Quote from:YouTube

BTS’s new song “Butter” is a big hit all over the world.

Positive lyrics with the theme of “Butter” are popular.

This time, I will introduce the outfit worn by BTS Jimin in the MV of “Butter”!

Here is a picture of Jimin in theMV of BTS “Butter”.

In the latter half of the “Butter” MV, all the members wore sportswear-like outfits.

Jimin’s red jacket is “ Lacoste ”!

It was a cool color, and it looked good on Jimin.

The white T-shirt that Jimin wore in his jacket was “ Gucci“.

Jimin’s shoes were also Gucci😆

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Not only Jimin, but other BTS members wore colorful and sporty outfits.

The Gucci sneakers they wore were also cute!

Please check the outfits of other members with the MV of “Butter” ♪