Jimin’s GUCCI fashion! Introducing the fashion that Jimin wore on BTS “Dynamite” !!

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BTS is gaining global attention.

BTS has recently released “Dynamite” and it is becoming more and more popular.

This time, I will introduce the fashion worn by BTS Jimin in the new song “Dynamite”!

This is the fashion that Jimin wore in “Dynamite”.

It was a cool GUCCI fashion !

The green jacket was impressive, and I felt a retro atmosphere.

The belt with the GUCCI mark was fashionable and looked good on Jimin.

By the way, not only Jimin, but other members were wearing GUCCI clothes.

BTS has a lot of GUCCI fashion.

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DISCO dance was also attracting attention in the MV of “Dynamite”.

BTS is talking about dance and fashion every time!

Please check it out♪