BTS Jimin’s long hair is so cute! ARMY is surprised at Jimin’s cuteness!


BTS returned to Korea from Los Angeles after finishing “PTD ON STAGE LA”.

BTS is currently in quarantine and next seems to be on a long vacation.

On Instagram and Weverse, the interaction between members is drawing attention.

Yesterday, December 18th, the photo of Jimin’s long hair posted on Weverse became a hot topic!

The same photo was posted in the Instagram story of the hairdresser who was in charge of Jimin’s hair.

In “PTD ON STAGE LA”, Jimin had cool hair.

Jimin’ long hair is so cute that people might think he’s a woman.

I can feel Jimin’s feelings for fans that he challenged various hairstyle to please ARMY.

Let’s check out Jimin’s posts on Weverse and Instagram in the future ♪