The car number is BTS’s debut date!? Focus on the stage of BTS “Dynamite” that was shown at AGT !!

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BTS who appeared on AGT (America’s Got Talent) broadcast on September 17th.

The appearance at AGT for the first time in about two years since “IDOL” has become a hot topic.

The number of the car that appeared on the stage of BTS “Dynamite” that was shown at AGT has become a hot topic!

BTS Performs "Dynamite" on AGT – America's Got Talent 2020

This is the stage of BTS “Dynamite” that was shown at AGT.

The number of the white car on which V and RM were riding had the BTS debut date “BTS-0613” written on it!

Besides, the BTS logo was scattered all over the place, and the amusement park was transformed into BTS specifications.

The stage of “Dynamite” at AGT was the overly luxurious set.

It was a fun stage to see the performance of “Dynamite” like never before.

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BTS always performed high quality dance.

AGT’s “Dynamite” was a performance at an amusement park, and the scale was even greater than ever.

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