What kind of snacks did BTS Jungkook eat? “ON” MV shooting behind video released !

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Quote from:YouTube
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BTS announced that they will make a comeback in November with their new album “BE”.

You are expecting a new song following “Dynamite”.

This time, I would like to introduce the snacks that BTS Jungkook ate during the MV shooting of “ON”!

This is the MV shooting behind video of BTS “ON” released on YouTube.

With a serious face expression, Jungkook was eating chocolate snacks!

Jungkook was eating snacks named “Kancho”.

Eating banana kicks, Jungkook really likes sweets!

Jungkook in sleeveless was also sexy.

His trained arm muscles are cool!

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In the “ON” MV behind video, there were many other notable scenes.

It’s valuable to see behind that hasn’t been released until now!

Please check it out ♪