The identity of D is AgustD of BTS SUGA! ? “D-3” reveals hints! !

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Big Hit Entertainment to which BTS and TXT belong.

The office is drawing attention from the world.

A countdown of “D-7” has started to be posted on such Big Hit Twitter from May 17th.

And On May 21, 0:00, the hint was revealed on “D-3”!

This is a tweet posted on Big Hit Entertainment at 00:00 on May 21.

Always only letters, but this time there was a shadow behind them!

Among the guys who saw the shadow, it’s been talked about as being similar to SUGA’s rapper activity “Agust D”.

If you see the activity of Cool SUGA as Agust D again, it seems to be a hot topic all over the world!

SUGA on Agust D has a different charm than SUGA on BTS.

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Big Hit’s tweet that gets popular every day.

It’s almost time for “D-Day”!

I’m looking forward to who will do it ♪