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HYBE’s new girl group member? The students in BTS “Permission to Dance” MV are cute!

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Quote from:YouTube
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A new song “Permission to Dance” in collaboration with BTS and Ed Sheeran.

The MV was released on July 9th, and it has become a song loved by people all over the world.

Students who appeared in the MV of BTS “Permission to Dance” have become a hot topic!

This is the MV for BTS “Permission to Dance” posted on YouTube.

The number of views is increasing , and it seems that it will break a big record again.

Three students (two girls and one boy) appeared frequently in the MV, and the scene with their mask removed was especially noticeable! (Around 3 minutes and 17 seconds)

All three students looked cute and looked like idols.

Many viewers are curious about the three students and they are rumored to be HYBE trainees and members of a new girl group.

I’m looking forward to seeing how the three of them will play an active role in the future 😆

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The first performance of “Permission to Dance” was released on July 9th.

There are many performances that I couldn’t see in the MV.

Let’s check the performance of “Permission to Dance” ♪