Crazy about JHOPE!?BTS Jin turns into a photographer♪

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BTS delivers fun videos through social networks and YouTube.

BTS won’t get tired of ARMY every day when i’m bored.

You can feel the BTS ‘s feelings of the fans.

On YouTube, which was released on April 12, BTS JIN has been transformed into a photographer.

[BANGTAN BOMB] Photographer Jin! – BTS (방탄소년단)

Jin is addicted to the camera.

It looks like a video of 2019 MMA waiting in the dressing room.

Jin, who was shooting RM and was absorbed in a lot of things, was as innocent and cute as a child.

Jin was particularly absorbed in shooting JHOPE.

JHOPE of the make-up was insanely cool.

JHOPE posing for JIN was also wonderful.

I look forward to a good friend of BTS from now on♪