What meaning of BTS Jin’s Wootteo? Merchandise are cute♪

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BTS Jin is popular all over the world.

Jin released his new solo song “The Astronaut” on October 28th.

Jin participated in Coldplay’s concert in Argentina, and his global activities attracted attention.

This time, I will introduce the character “wootteo” related to BTS Jin’s new song “The Astronaut”!

우떠 on Instagram: "⠀ 역시겁나멋졌다"
1M likes, 19K comments - wootteo on October 28, 2022: "⠀ 역시겁나멋졌다"

This is a photo with BTS Jin posted on wootteo’s official Instagram.

Jin also had a doll of wootteo before attending Coldplay’s concert in Argentina.

Jin had wootteo’s doll when he left for Argentina.

Jin told us about wootteo during the recent Weverse live !

It is said that the origin of the name “Wootteo” means “우주떠돌이” (space drifter).

It seems that the original name was not “Wootteo”, and the name that was a candidate was already registered.

Jin also said that content related to Wootteo and merchandise will be released in the future, which was great news for ARMY.

Let’s check out what kind of merchandise will be released and information about Wootteo in the future♪