BTS Jimin’s room was released! The point is the color of the clothes that Jimin is wearing surrounded by flowers! ?

Quote from:BTS official twitter

BTS will make a comeback with their new album “BE” on November 20th.

Concept photos and concept clips are being released one after another.

BTS Jimin’s concept photo was released on November 3rd!

This is Jimin’s concept photo posted on BTS’s official Twitter.

It was a beautiful room full of flowers!

“I’m Jimin, the curator of this room. This room is a beautiful room full of flowers. There are many gorgeous flowers, but it is a room with a simple but sensitive point. I like to express everything clearly. When you look at this room, unlike beautiful flowers, I have no color, but I wanted to express these points so that you can see them intuitively. “

The color of the clothes Jimin is wearing is black, which seems to contrast with the colorful flower colors!

It was not just a room, but the points were hidden and it was a wonderful concept photo.

The white wall is also fashionable, and it’s a luxurious room!

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V’s concept photo has a green wall, Jimin’s concept photo has a white wall, and I’m looking forward to seeing which BTS member’s concept photo will be released next!

Also pay attention to the color of the walls and the concept of the room.

Please check it out ♪