Focus on the hanbok given by Jungkook! ENHYPEN Niki danced BTS “Dynamite” !!

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Quote from:TikTok
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ENHYPEN formed from the audition program I-LAND.

BTS, SEVENTEEN, and TXT appeared on I-LAND and became a hot topic.

Such ENHYPEN Niki dance-covered BTS’s “Dynamite”!

This is Niki’s dance video posted on ENHYPEN’s official TikTok channel.

Niki dance-covered BTS’new song “Dynamite”!

It was a good dance and Niki’s kick was also cool.

Niki has been famous as a member who is good at dancing since I-LAND.

Also, the costumes that Niki wore attracted attention!

Niki was dancing “Dynamite” wearing the hanbok given by BTS Jungkook when he appeared on I-LAND.

When Niki got Hanbok from Jungkook, Niki looked very happy.

It was a video that conveys Niki’s love for Jungkook.

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ENHYPEN has posted a lot of posts even though the debut members have just been decided.

ENHYPEN is supported by fans all over the world.

Please check out future ENHYPEN posts ♪