BTS SUGA’s room was released ! The mirror is the point ! ? What is SUGA’s thoughts about blue ?

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Quote from:BigHit Entertainment twitter
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BTS will release a new album “BE” on November 20th.

Concept photos are released in order.

The concept photo of BTS SUGA was released on November 7th!

This is SUGA’s concept photo posted on the official Twitter account of Big Hit Entertainment.

In the room unified in blue, the sofa and the outfits worn by SUGA were all blue!

In the concept photos of the other members, there were impressive interiors such as violins and speakers, but SUGA’s room didn’t have many distinctive features.

I’m a little interested in the two balls in front of SUGA, the mirror on which SUGA is riding, and the white liquid leaking from the sofa.

“This is the curator SUGA in this room. Blue is a color that has a big meaning for me, so I decided on the core color as blue that makes up this room. I’m wondering what the blue color of this room means to you, such as the pale pastel tone blue, the heavy velvet blue, and the jet-black blue that is as deep as the sea on Jeju Island.”

Blue has a big meaning for SUGA, and he seems to express a blue room!

The most important point is the mirror on which SUGA is riding.

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SUGA’s concept photo has been released, and only JHOPE’s concept photo remains.

I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of concept JHOPE’s room is!

Please check it out ♪