BTS wore Louis Vuitton ! Check the outfit BTS wore at the Grammy Awards!

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Quote from:BTS official twitter
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BTS is very popular all over the world.

BTS released “Dynamite” in 2020, which was nominated for a Grammy Award and became a hot topic.

Unfortunately BTS couldn’t win the Grammy Awards, but their performance was very cool!

This time, I will introduce the outfit that BTS wore at the Grammy Awards!

Here is a picture of BTS posted on the official Instagram of Louis Vuitton.

V and RM were dressed in brown clothes, and the other members were dressed in black clothes.

Other members wore suits, but RM wore a hoodie.

The bear on the chest was also very cute!

BTS had previously received an invitation from Louis Vuitton for the 2021 Fall / Winter Men’s Fashion Show, and the clothes at that time were also wonderful.

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Following the results of the BTS Grammy Awards, fans posted a lot of tweets supporting BTS.

Tweets about BTS such as “#BTSOurGreatestPrize” and “#LightItUpBTS” have become a world trend.

I support BTS’s success at the next Grammy Awards ♪