BTS V’s retro GUCCI fashion! Introducing the fashion that V wore in the season greeting (2021) !!

Quote from:YouTube

The season greeting has come again this year.

If you are a KPOP fan, you want to get a calendar of idols you support.

The concept of BTS’s Season Greeting in 2021 is retro fashion!

This time, I would like to introduce the retro fashion that BTS V wore in Season Greeting (2021).


First , the tops that V wore.

GUCCI’s floral pattern is printed, and the combination of colors conveys a retro feel!

The compatibility with sunglasses was perfect.

Quote: GUCCI

Next is pants.

The pants V wore were also GUCCI, and they were flashy purple pants!

With flared pants, it seemed difficult for men to wear it, but when V wears it, it looks fashionable!

The combination of tops and pants was also the best fashion.

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In BTS’s Season Greeting (2021) DVD preview, V’s funny acting also talked about.

V’s comical acting with a retro feel was wonderful !

Please check it out ♪