BTS Jungkook’s MBTI changed? His Instagram post is a hot topic!

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BTS Jungkook opened his personal Instagram on December 6th.

Jungkook’s Instagram followers have already exceeded 10 million people, and you can feel his popularity.

Jungkook’s MBTI posted on his Instagram has become a hot topic!

Jungkook posted the MBTI on his Instagram on the night of December 6th, but the post has now been deleted.

Instead, his MBTI was posted in the Instagram story.

In the post at that time, there was a comment from Jungkook saying “Half & Half”.

Jungkook’s MBTI was originally INFP, but it was changed to ISFP before.

And from this post, I found that Jungkook’s MBTI became half & half of ISFP and INTP !

Jungkook opened his personal Instagram, and I’m glad that Jungkook has posted photos a lot.

Let’s check out the Instagram posts of Jungkook and other BTS members in the future ♪