The Lacoste jersey worn by BTS Jin on V Live is a collaboration product with Bruno Mars’ brand “Ricky Rigal” ! ?

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BTS is always attracting attention for their clothes.

The products worn by BTS are sold out one after another, and it becomes a hot topic every time.

Yesterday, on the V Live broadcast on August 19th, the jersey that Jin wore was talked about!

This is V Live broadcasted by BTS NamJin (RM&Jin).

The long-awaited V Live of NamJin attracted attention all over the world.

Jin wore a green jacket from lacoste on this V Live!

Moreover, it is a product that collaborated with Bruno Mars’ brand “Ricky Rigal”.

The color suits Jin very well 😆

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On this V Live, Jin’s perm hairstyle was also cute.

I’m wondering if Jin will continue this hairstyle!

Please check out BTS’s next V Live ♪