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JungKook drinking milk is a hot topic! MV of BTS 「Dynamite」 released !!

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Quote from:YouTube
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MV of BTS’s new song “Dynamite” released on August 21st.

It was a fun MV where you can feel DISCO .

JungKook drinking milk has become a hot topic on the MV of BTS “Dynamite”!

This is the scene where Jungkook drinks milk at the beginning of “Dynamite”.

Jung Kook was beautiful voice.

The action of JungKook, who wipes his mouth after drinking milk, was sexy and cool!

It was a scene that seems to appear in a commercial.

JungKook’s beginning was a hot topic among many ARMYs.

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There were a lot of wonderful scenes in the MV of “Dynamite” other than the scene of Jung Kook.

It’s full of highlights such as Kookmin and V’s ending!

Please check it out♪