Introducing the profile of BTS V! Real name, personality, birthplace, birthday, blood type, height, educational background, family, and pet dog Yeongtan !!

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BTS V’s profile

Real name: Kim Taehyun

Hangul name: 김태형

Birth date: December 30, 1995

Birthplace: Daegu, South Korea

Blood type: AB type

Height: 178 cm

Weight: 58 kg

Family: parents, younger sister, younger brother

Education: Daegu First High School → Korean Arts High School, Global Cyber University, Hanyang Cyber University Graduate School

The most handsome face in the world


V has received a lot of attention for his cool visuals in BTS.

V has consistently been ranked in the “Most Handsome Faces in the World” ranking announced each year, and has even won first place.

It’s a good guy that the world recognizes!

V has been good looking since its debut, but as he gets older, his visual is getting better.

V has all kinds of charms, from the sexy atmosphere to the usual cute faces and funny faces.

The expression of V on the stage is also very cool.


Quote: Dispatch

V has a nice visual, and V is also attracting attention from the fashion world.

Of course, people was talking about V costumes at the airport, as well as stage costumes and costumes worn on MVs.

BTS are all fashionable, but V is well dressed in various fashions and is said to be a particularly fashionable member.

V seems to be interested in fashion himself.

V’s clothes are fashionable, and I’m always amazed at how unique they seem to be.

The pajamas worn by V are sold out quickly, and V is a fashion icon that everyone wants to imitate.

Mysterious personality! ?


V is often said to have a mysterious personality.

Sometimes V is very calm, and sometimes V is high tension, so V has an interesting personality.

BTS members now understand V, but when they first met V, they were confused.

Jin said that V has changed in the right direction while spending time with.

V said that he originally thought that “If all 7 BTS members are happy, I am also happy. It seems that the standard value of happiness has changed with “.

I was surprised to hear that there were various changes in V with a free-spirited personality, but it’s a wonderful episode.

V loves grandparents


V had his grandparents raise him like his parents.

The relationship between V and Grandpa and Grandma is famous even in ARMY.

V showed us contacting his grandmother at V-Live.

However, V’s grandmother died on September 3, 2016.

V couldn’t catch up with Grandma’s end because BTS had a performance that day in the Philippines.

The tears of V became a hot topic when the fans said, “I’m praying for your grandmother to be better.”

After that, at a live event held at Gocheok Sky Dome , V told fans that Grandma had died.

“I think that grandma is supporting us a lot now from the sky. So I’m happy that my dear ARMYs will remember my precious grandma’s existence.”

I think it was really painful for his beloved grandmother to die, but the attitude of V to work without losing was professional.

V’s pet dog is Yeontan!


BTS has a hard schedule every day.

V’s pet dog Yeontan healed when V is tired.

Yeontan’s dog breed is Black Tan’s Pomeranian, and the name of Yeontan is derived from ” briquette” .

Yeontan was very small when V started to grow, but recently Yeontan has grown a lot.

Yeontan’s growth has been a hot topic among ARMY.

There was a time when V was shooting with Youngtan.

BTS members also love Yeontan.

When V was bringing Yeontan to the dressing room, everyone was playing with Yeontan.

Park Seojun is friend.


V has worked as an actor as well as a singer.

V is famous for being close friends with Park Seojun who co-starred in the drama ”
Hwarang “.

Park Seojun is the actor who starred in the popular drama “Itaewon Class”.

The two are busy with each other, but they often post about playing together.

In “Itaewon Class” starring Park Seojun, “Sweet Night” written and composed by V was used for the OST, It became a hot topic.

You can feel the bond between V and Seojun.

Park Bogum is friend.


V has a lot of actor friends, including Park Seojun, and he’s also good friends with Park Bogum.

Park Bogum is a little older than V, so it’s his brother.

The reason why the two became friends was the Korean music show Music Bank.

V co-starred as a special MC for one day when Park Bogum was the MC.

That was the opportunity to exchange contacts and get along.

V and Park Bogum have been close friends like their best friends, traveling to Jeju Island and witnessed in an amusement park.

Everyone was surprised when Park Bogum rushed to cheer for the BTS overseas performance.

V was happy to see Park Bogum.

95z (Jimin & V)


BTS members are close to each other like a family.

V and Jimin have the most strong bonds among BTS.

Born in 1995 and in the same age, V and Jimin are nicknamed 95z.

They went to the same high school as a classmate and had a hard time together.

The most famous episode of 95z is The Dumpling (Mandu) Incident.

V and Jimin’s unit song “Friends” also have the words “Dumpling (Mandu) Incident” in their lyrics.

The “Dumpling (Mandu) Incident” is a few years ago, but it is still famous story.

V and Jimin seem to have had a lot of fights in the past, but now there are no fights and it’s a very good combination.

Taekook (V & Jungkook)


Jung Kook, the only younger member than V in BTS.

Jimin, V, and Jung Kook are called BTS Manneline.

V is very fond of Jungkook and has never quarreled with Jungkook .

Jungkook also loves V and often plays with them.

Taekook are so close to each other that the fans will be jealous.

Taejin (V&Jin)


Next is the BTS V and Jin “Taejin” combination.

Jin is a little older than Jin.

Because they are very close friends, they often stick together.

Many of the BTS songs have V and Jin pair parts.

Check out the “Spring Day” as there will be a part where the two will pair.

V can also write lyrics and compose!

BTS has many members who can write songs.

V also writes and composes himself.

The MV of “Winter Bear” released in August 2019 has been popular over 40 million views.

The OST “Sweet Night” of the drama “Itaewon Class” starring Park Seojun is not only for Korea, but for charts all over the world won 1st place in.

You can see that V is loved all over the world.

All the songs that V makes are all good songs.

BTS V Profile Summary


V has mysterious appeal in BTS.

V has been chosen as the most handsome face in the world many times.

There are a lot of people who are addicted to the gap between V’s handsome faces and V’s personalities.

V has many friends of entertainers such as Park Seojun and Park Bogum.

V is loved by everyone.

I would like to see the various appearances of V in the future.

Let’s all support the wonderful BTS and V♪